New Sketches – New Imaginings

Some company on the trail. And a new word.

Trypophobia – A fear of holes. I found this in researching why some lotus blooms leave such small pods. It seemed a bit dumb to have this word there in lotuses simply because they have holes. Sometimes you just have to wonder who is in charge of online reference materials. I like the word and my son pointed out that it has five syllables and could be used for the first line in haiku. But it is hard to bring a hole inside to draw for that book of drawings and haiku. I did go looking for holes to show you.

And this one that looks like he is singing.

And some other things in the woods.

A fairy door.

Peeking fairy.

Shocked fairy.

And remember the snaggle-toothed troll? Here he is in the Fairy Book trying to trap a fairy.

And some fun starts to pages in My Life in Clothes book.

Hiding in the bathroom from having to dance with boys.

Some of my mother’s smocking on my clothes and the most awfully tight shoes that I ever wore just to get my embarrassing father out of the shoe store. My mother asked him to go because she was busy and I think he just said, “Try these.” I just wanted out of the shoe store and said they were fine. When I went to draw them I was surprised how much detail I remembered.

And my Brownie Scout uniform. I didn’t last in Girl Scouts because their expectations were higher and my disagreeableness to those expectations increased. If they had just stayed with those Nature badges, I would have been fine….so no Girl Scout uniform.

And by the way, doing my own research by simply looking, lotus pod size is directly related to the thickness of the stem.

More later. I might be able to sew my new linens into pants today….if a caregiver comes…

Bye for now. Lee and I are going to do a take out lunch.