Having Some Very Good Days

We are all just hanging out in our four walls…and making the most of being by ourselves with one day rolling into the next. It was easy to adjust to this isolation. Even going to my six month dental appointment tomorrow morning seems like an inconvenience. The good thing is that tomorrow a friend comes to eat lunch with us out on the porch. I will change into clean clothes and maybe put in some earrings…maybe not the earrings…maybe comb my hair instead.

Walking the trail with Lee each morning is fun. He likes it if I am there and can show him where to place the rocks he collects along the way. We are slowly lining the edges with his stones. The deer try to stay in the path as well. I do put the corn in the grass to keep them from kicking our stones out of line. Lovely buck and his female come first thing to get more than the others that arrive a bit later. I think we will see some fawns soon.

Here are the last four days of drawings a day.

This here has to be

a turkey’s big wing feather

probably the left.


Lee found this little

treasure on our morning walk-

gift from mourning dove.


A feather from a crow

dropped by the wing or the tail

maybe an omen.


Rock and feather.

One of them found on the trail,

one a gift from Lee.


Lots of fun working in the fairy book the last few days.

Cute little cherub fairy and her bird on the head of a troll.

A flutter of fairies.

Another young girl fairy holding her broken wing as she flies around the moon.

I went to the post office this morning to pick up a handful of forms to ship the books to Australia. Only five of twenty five were asked for in this country. So this afternoon it is filling out forms with addresses to save time at the post office tomorrow morning.

That is it for now.

Til later.