Forest Influences

We are still here. All books finally mailed to Australia. Such an ordeal with deliveries being held up across the world and postal service under attack here in the US by its own government. It may take some time to get anything being sent via snail mail.

My studio is all cleaned up and a pattern for some pants all cut out. Maybe Monday I can get to the sewing machine. I had to order linen online as stores for apparel cloth are hard to come by. Quilting, yes, but clothing, no.

Here are the last four days of drawings and haiku.

A Japanese fern

propagated all over

the front of the house.


Today’s three feathers

tiny fluff of thrasher with

hawk and a titmouse.


Remember the large

leaf with juicy stem from

early July? Blooms!


A dried and curling

lotus leaf of gold and brown

moves with the currents.


And in the woods a wreath that a fairy left for us.

And this!

That inspired this!

He is just kicking up dust as he walks along with his bag of whatever his feet turn up. I still have not figured out what to put along the bottom of the pages, but I am working on it.

And new in the yard. Our first fawn of the season.

Sadie is like us, staying put.

The air conditioner man had to return today. The one with tattoos who has Trump stickers on his truck and works with a biker missionary. Lee and I hung out with him in the driveway as he added more parts where he could get to his tools. I told him that he was our days entertainment and we just needed to hear someone else’s voice. I asked lots of questions about tools and parts just to keep him chatting away.

A friend is now coming every Thursday to have lunch with us on the porch at safe distances with lots of fresh air. Another real live person who will stay longer than the repair man.

Not much else new.  I might try to find another artist to talk about.

Til later.