Hot, Sultry, Dry and Doing Fine

Each morning after breakfast and before I do my drawing a day Lee and I walk the trail. I love this first peek into the deep woods we walk past. It feeds my imagination for the Fairies Book.

I think the Fairy Queen below could have walked down this path to collect her bird, nest and stick.

I try not to go too quickly with this book and often find more in the pages I thought were finished.

The trail maker returned today to spread two more palettes of mulch and spray weeds. He and his helper also took the time to pull some unwanted and uninvited plants from the front yard. We are desperate for rain. All the greens have collected dust and are drying up. Leaves are beginning to drop along the trail, some colored as if it was fall. The deer, turkeys, squirrels, birds, rabbits, all seem to want to stay on the path. I will have to be careful to only put their feed in the path or my mulch could be scattered everywhere.

The Stoat Story books are getting bound. Only four more to hang in their covers.

I should be able to finish them off on Friday when the caregiver comes to stay with Lee. Then I will take a serious look at the studio and decide what needs to go, what I am still interested in working on. What materials and tools need a different home. At one time I wanted to have workshops here but that seems a bit optimistic with present circumstances.

I also have discovered that with isolation and everyone keeping distances, there are probably things and people that are not as necessary to my life right now. And certainly that is the same for those who wanted us in their lives. It has brought out our differences, our priorities and what and who matters. I  simply do not have the time to be as social as before. Keeping Lee from sadness and despondency is important right now and can come on us at any time during the day.

But having someone to talk to in person is such a pleasure. This morning I kept one of the workers talking and listening for quite awhile. Looking someone in the eye at a safe distance and asking questions and getting not only answers but questions in return was a such a good feeling.

I am also grateful for those who keep in touch via social media, cards, emails and surprise gifts. Thank you.

Most of the books I have been finishing up are headed to Australia. Mail is taking forever to get anywhere, but eventually they will arrive. I will put in the name of the charity to donate to. And please, those of you who know me, would not make donations in my name just because I am sending you the books. Use your own names or be creative and make donations in the name of someone in power who is working against environmental issues. Much like I make donations to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence’s name.

Here are four days of drawings and haiku. I must say I do like doing those turkey feathers.

I forget the name

of this twiggy late blooming

bush of pink and green.


Left by a turkey

is a fluffy small feather;

maybe from his back.


Another feather

from somewhere on a turkey,

maybe under wing.


Creeping rosemary

is now blooming and smelling

simply wonderful!


That is enough for today. I did not go near the Fairy Book today…but tomorrow maybe just one page.

Stay safe. Covid cases are rising here in our rural area. Friends needing surgery have been put off until this gets under control.

Wear your masks! Wash your hands!