More Socializing

I see this Mockingbird guarding the gate to Riverwalk whenever I am walking back from coffee on the corner. Usually he is singing his heart out but as soon as I try to record him, he goes silent. He imitates all the bird sounds he hears and can do quite the musical. Someday I will catch him on a video.

I am continuing to sort the necessary bits for the studio. The other day it occurred to me to use the heavy iron rack I was using to dry prints as a paper holder for in the closet of the studio.

By placing it on its back side and putting its legs toward the back wall of the closet, I created six open spaces of 34″ by 2.5″ and 24″ high. It managed to organize six large portfolios packed with papers.

Now I can see what I have at a glance…and close the bifold doors when I don’t want to look at it. The two cartons of rolled papers fit perfectly beside it. In looking for the felts to my etching press I emptied eight more cartons from the garage this morning and put all their contents where they need to be.

I decided that the green bedspread set did not go as well with the newer rug moved to the bedroom, so dug out the grey one again. Then added some pillows lying around to pick up the natural wood tones. The felted throw from Bridgette in Tasmania was just what the cats needed….especially Sadie who has taken it over.

Today I took a walk on the dam…

Last Thursday I was taken to the college near here to see a student show…all graphics, which I find problematic to find the mark of the individual artist…

BUT it was so nice to meet the department head and printmaking instructor. And being around all that earnest energy of art majors was very inspiring. Our conversations will continue in the near future as I will be returning to visit classrooms and see more exhibitions.

Tomorrow it is back to movie night with a couple of the morning men, Wine, pizza and a movie in good company. A good way to take our minds off the election that closes voting about the same time. Fingers crossed that common sense prevails.

Til later…..