More To Talk About

I see this tree outside my studio window. I am here now on a bit of a drizzly day with some time to work and write. The caregiver is on an earlier shift today. I forgot. Now the office is sending me reminders every week of who comes when.

Lee and I did get the shopping done early. I like to be there when the door opens at seven. This is getting more difficult as it now is darker later into the morning and now school buses are on the road. I think Saturday mornings might be a good alternative. No buses and unlike if I changed to Sunday, I could still buy alcohol at that early hour.

When we returned home I picked up the mail. Two wonderful gifts from Australia. Here is the first from Patsy. Her wonderful figures.

Sometime I will show you pictures of her studio where she conjures up these ideas. Patsy also is an amazing print maker. It might be fun to show some friends studios in the future.

Here is the other gift that arrived today.

Two more silk covered concertina books from Lorraine. She also tucked in a pair of hand knit socks for Lee and two silk scarves with contact prints. I twisted the two together and knotted them here and there to just slip over my head as the weather cools. But aren’t these books lovely? I will have to figure out what to draw in them after the fairies one is finished.

Speaking of which….

Another start to another page. I like the tulip on the one little fellows head.

I found another hidden doorway yesterday on our walk.

And I had an afternoon to draw some more clothes in the My Life in Clothes book.

Remember muumuus? I had a hot pink one with white hibiscus flowers on it. I think every female in Florida wore these around 1960. Then there is that wretched one piece gym suit….dark blue. A plaid kilt. straight skirt with the split up the back seem….why didn’t they just make fuller skirts so girls could walk? A peasant shirt (lots of loved those) and my first strapless bra in case I pulled the peasant shirt with elastic neckband off my shoulders. And penny loafers! I think these were costly for my parents to buy but I was so glad to look like everyone else back then. Certainly was a phase…teenagers!

Also going on in the studio is the figuring out how to bind all these reproduced images by another Australian. Judith had them turned into postcards that I cut down to place back to back over lokta folded folios. I might add other bits in between after it is sewn together and a cover is figured out.

And then the last two days.

An orange nasturtium

with it’s green lotus-like leaf

made a good subject.


The last of a bloom

on a dark geranium

with it’s bright green leaf.


After we returned from the store this morning we noticed that the last of the mulch was put down. He came silently yesterday and also pulled some weeds. Nice surprise. And then this in a sourwood tree right at the start of the trail. Isn’t it late for blooms? Is it Spring again and we missed winter. Odd things happening with weather changes.

I heard just a bit ago from a fellow in Australia just wanting me to know hoe very sad he is for our country. The willful ignorance has brought us very low.

Til later.