Drawing, Sewing, Thinking

You would think mornings like this would encourage you to make changes, do something different, make a fresh start, something!

But I remain as still as these ducks on the river.

I called a developer of a retirement community in the area.

Me: “Do all your houses have to be lined up close together?”

Him: “Yes, that is the ordinance. But there is twenty feet between them.”

From where I am sitting, that is across the room.

Me: “Couldn’t you put one house away from the others?”

Him” No, that can’t be done.”

Me: “Can a person change the floor plans you offer?”

Him: “Not by much.”

Me: “Are people happy there?”

Him: “Happiness just depends.”

I thank him for his time and call the Senior Assistance Center to talk with a woman who apparently knows quite a lot about the area and senior’s needs.

Me: Hi, it is me again. What do you know about senior communities in the area.”

Her: “There aren’t many. Actually other than the one you talked to this morning I can’t think of any. Let me ask around the office.”

Me: Waiting.

Her: “Well there is a place in a town not far from here that rents cabins with a view. They are just two bedrooms and cost close to $3,000 per month. It is a religion affiliated community.”

Me: “Do I have to be religious?”

Her: “Maybe.”

I am passing on the idea of finding anything local. It was just a thought that I could keep all my doctors of near thirty years and still downsize. I will reconsider that. I did look at the website of the local senior housing development to see that someone from Florida was moving into their new house and saw how excited that made another resident. Florida has one of the highest percentages of those refusing to be vaccinated and takes pride in their support for putting imbeciles in office. I will still go down to Greenville SC and see what is there in possibilities.

And I would miss this:

Eight new adolescent turkeys in this group and four in another that come by later.

I walked the dam this morning before the humidity set in.

And photographed this folding Queen Anne’s Lace to draw later today.

This kudzu vine ended up on the latest page.

And I could not resist the latest condition of the bergamot.

I need to spend the day cleaning up my sewing area from making clothes for a friend. The tiny linen scraps will go into new bits of thread work for the journal.

Nothing else going on here. Too much thinking at times. Missing someone to bounce ideas off of. Talking to myself and asking questions does no good as we share the same opinions. I might need to get out more but now putting the mask back on and staying away from people is looking the wiser choice.

Til later….