Quiet Day – Little Drama – Waiting For Whatever

With covid 19 we seem to all be in a state of waiting. Now I have even forgotten what for.

Lee is busy picking up tiny bits off the floor to put in the trash. He has vacuumed the porch and is still in cleaning mode. Now he is waving the leaf blower around the driveway. He is so happy to have a noisy machine to operate.

I am waiting for the store to call with the delivery time of the new dryer to go with the new washing machine put in several weeks ago.

We did our usual walk on the trail this morning. Some new things seen along the way.

This toad stool makes me realize why we have to be reminded not to eat some of them. But it does look delicious.

And this lovely happy deer profile.

And what looks like two companions walking through the trees.

Here are the last four days of drawings a day.

The branch would not fit

on just one page and needed

acorn company.


Here’s the conclusion.

I need to draw several

more close up pine cones.




A bigger pine cone

and a very big oak leaf

filling these pages.


I am beginning

to see the pine cone’s makeup –

where all the parts are.


Today is the one day of the week when we order a take out dinner. I pick it up at 4 o”clock. Bring it home and then we have a drink before I heat it up. There were three lovely things on the menu this week, so I added a butternut/apple soup to the Chicken Oscar and steak and egg chef salad. We will have enough for two nights.

Sometimes during the day we will turn on a British mysteries. Our daughter bought us a system where we can do that once it could connect to the wifi extender. Now we are in the middle of Grantchester. I like the actors…the Brits are always good at the amount of angst required for a good drama.

But my favorite parts of these period pieces, the 50’s, is the attention to detail in the sets. The most dreadful wallpapers, chipped china, fragile crowded furniture, and those really horrid lamp shades. You can always tell where the bad guy or woman is living just by those lampshades. They are covered with dust..in fact the whole room looks like smoke or dust filling the air. And the most ornate are edged with fringe. The place where evil happens quite often has the lampshade slightly off kilter. The rooms are darker. Whereas the wealthy and therefore presumed innocent people live in well lit large homes with equally ugly lampshades perfectly straight. Only the Brits can pull this off with such perfection.  Most of the characters smoke and can make it look like they really are enjoying it….I remember that look.

And the costumes, hair and makeup! Even the wealthy look like a shampoo might be in order. And those ruby red lips. That lipstick is literally caked on, and when they talk it is like watching two bright red worms racing along together. Speaking of racing, the cars are wonderful. Where do they get so many vintage vehicles? I got so excited to see the bus come through their little town….it was beautiful!

Lee is now inside. The man called and told me the dryer will be here between 1:30 and 3:30 this afternoon. Right before we go out to pick up dinner.

So it is getting on lunch time. We might watch another episode of Grantchester before they come.

Our cats seem to prefer their boxes cut down a little so they can rest their heads on the edge.

Til later.