Last week they started the shelves on each side of the fireplace. This morning those were finished and the fireplace mostly stoned.

Here is more stone left in the garage. It is a fake stone but the best and only option for a “stone” fireplace. It already looks inviting and the cats will love it. The pocket doors have been installed and almost all trim is in around windows and doors. So progress.

At home here it is endless packing. The studio as of yesterday…almost completely packed.

And the last two artworks bundled up. The large 4′ x 4′  blackbird and the Looking for a Good Woman are ready for movers to load.

And upstairs here I can barely move for the boxes!

And this morning while it pours down more rain I am working on the kitchen. Packed almost all pots and pans and bowls. Amazing how much room they take up in boxes. Once a cupboard, drawer or closet is emptied I try to clean it. The kitchen is the worst. It would have been helpful if I had had a once a year clean out of those cupboards, but it seems I neglected doing that. Now it is a bit of a scrubbing!

I am trying to get down to three milk cartons of alcoholic beverages. A little over an inch to go in those large gin and vodka bottles that have been around a while, and I think I can fit them in Of course some are empties that I save for making small bottles of variations of flavors. I do think that I will have to take the alcohol over myself. No sense bothering the movers with that. They will have enough to do with furniture and what looks like three sections of eight cubic feet of cartons. Not to mention large artworks.

I have pared myself down to just what I will need in the apartment should I have to go there and am keeping it in large oak baskets on the kitchen counter. Easy to carry over and pack into the car when I move on.


The thing I should be doing something about is going to see the window treatment people and get the shades ordered. I don’t want blinds but need to see what there is new in privacy shades. Maybe later this week.

The furniture refinisher could not come today because of the rain but hopes to make it on Wednesday.

I will start packing up whatever is in the pantry. When you live alone, you wonder why it was necessary to have four quarts of marinara sauce and so many varieties of pasta! Some of the kitchen cupboards have very old spices and small things I bought in Australia and couldn’t bear to open and use up. Silly.

And so much artwork was sent north. Here is some in their new homes.

There may be more to give away after I move.

It is almost time for some wine and a movie.

Til later…..