Riverwalk House Is Progressing

Lots of puddles at the subdivision I am moving into. But my yardman informed me he will be moving the yard sculptures and my stone collection and pots this coming Tuesday. Another step forward.

Inside the house I was delighted to see the kitchen cabinets installed…also the bathroom vanities.

I like the way he staggers the upper cupboards. It looks like a good place for my foundry mould collection.

All the doors have been installed and the trim is around them and the windows.

The bathroom shower is well on its way to being finished.

I did some sketching in the house book.

The walk through the meadow is still inspiring but I have had no time to draw and paint scenes from there. Maybe this weekend.

I have been trying to give so much away to family and friends…but their limits have been reached. And lucky for me an Episcopal church in my new town is looking for donations for their sale. I took a car load out already and friends are coming next week to take a truckload of larger pieces. Then it is down to boxes and furniture that is going with me.

I wish I didn’t have to face moving myself and the cats into the apartment to wait for the final okay to move in. But that looks to be the way things will happen. All of the kitchen except food stuffs is packed. I kept the minimum for the cats and I to eat at the apartment. One large area rug has been cleaned with baking soda and is flipped in half to wait for the movers to roll. Two more to go. They are very heavy!!

I should end up with one pick up truck of things to be taken to the dump and three boxes to get to the shredders. All personal papers, sketchbooks, computer, alcohol and the few dishes will accompany me and the cats over to the apartment. Professional cleaners come to spend the day as soon as the movers take my things away. Looking at the piles of boxes and furniture, there is no way all of it plus the refrigerator and washer and dryer will fit into the garage of the new place.. I so hope I will be allowed to put the big pieces inside their rooms.

I called a local friend that I have not seen in about three years…pre Covid anyway, to come and take a very large box of basket materials and my 1985/86 framed posters of national basket exhibitions. She arrived with a large bottle of wine and some crackers. I had cheeses. The wine openers had been accidently packed but slow chipping away with a granny fork got us to the wine for the last two glasses on the counter. It was at least four hours of sheer pleasure in catching up and reminiscing.

This morning after having a very good listen with the men in town, I went to my house insurance business to let them know I had just received my annual bill and was wondering what to do with it. First of all, “Don’t pay it!” Then a quick calculation of the place I was moving and my new bill when it arrives in a month or so will be less than a third of what I pay now. The insurance man that did the numbers assured me he made no mistakes in the figuring. First of all he says, it is a new house and second there is a fire hydrant in that area. His mother lives in Riverwalk so he knew all about the area. Love a small town!

The post office there in Hayesville will hold my mail for up to six weeks when I get a mailbox in place there so it becomes my official address. Now I just need to inform those who need to have the new address, have my WIFI taken out of my name at the time of closing and my electric changed to the new address where they will also be handling a new hi speed internet service. Neither service will be totally cut off, just switched to other names once the new owners inform them that they will be taking over on the day of closing.

I am not sleeping all that well with waking up and worrying for three hours until I drop off. Hustling things into boxes and filling in with clothes I might need is not helping either. But really, other than a rain coat, couple changes of clothes and shoes, what else is there?

This evening it will be a nice cold single malt while I relax and listen to thunder.

Til later….