This is me now, reflecting and seeing things from new perspectives.

I am getting it together and readying myself for changes…fresh starts.

I took the above three pictures on my walk at the dam this morning. It is such a lovely place to get some clarity.

There is nothing that comes close to the stacked blues and greens of where I live.

A friend arrives today from up north to help me get some control over what goes and what gets thrown out or given away. There are so many things in the studio that I will likely never use. So much fabric, papers, books, bits and pieces that looked so promising when I brought them home. I will pawn off as much as I can on this friend and then try to find others who might see the potential and take them home to their own studios.

I will spend the week getting things in boxes and stacked in closets but only the things that will be passed on. Then I will be able to assess what is left on shelves and walls and plan on where they go when I sell the house. It is a big adventure that seemed so daunting just last week, but I am ready to get busy.

Speaking of busy….

New scraps are now in the journal.

We are treating ourselves to a day in Asheville this week. Just three of us going there to have lunch at an outdoor restaurant and keep our masks handy for any trips inside shops. I will not be buying ANYTHING is my promise. There is no room for it here.

I will be back in a few days to report on our progress.  Here is the last day of July fading off to the west.

Til later….