One day walking to the gym before 7 a.m. it looks like this.

And the next morning like this…all the mowing has been baled up.

I went to another birthday party in the neighborhood Thursday and took these interesting and quite yummy appetizers.

You soften 8 oz. cream cheese and add a generous tablespoon of fresh chopped rosemary, salt and pepper to taste. Shape into small balls and poke a hole in the center. Fill with softened red pepper jelly and close over the hole. A bit fiddly here. Then roll the ball in a bowl of more chopped rosemary and chopped pecans or almond slices…you pick. Refrigerate and just before walking through the back yard to a party, you stick a pretzel stick into each one. Easy to eat and delicious.

Note: Where I used to live there were many large bushes of mature rosemary plants. The smell and flavor was wonderful. All I have here are a couple of bought plants from the nurseries. The flavor is not near so strong…so use more rosemary than called for and only use fresh chopped rosemary.

And my trip with a friend to a small town to shop and eat out went well. Some Christmas shopping done and a new slightly stronger pair of reading glasses. These even take the glare off computer and Iphone screens. They help with one eye set for distance and the other for close up.

I have ordered the latest book from Amazon’s self publishing division and this next week will have all the poems in some type of order. Then I will work on sorting out essays and writing more.

The fun part was going through so many photos of my artwork over the years and cropping/sizing the original images to fit the content of the books. It has been two days of losing myself in what provoked the making of the work in the first place. Now I will need to play with Publisher to find the right fonts for the title, subtitles, and author. Speaking of which, I am not so keen on Sandy Webster. Doesn’t that sound like it could be a guy? Little Orphan Annie’s dog? Someone who might be tapping their toes on Broadway?

I think my author name should simply be S. Webster. And my real name is Sandra…Sandra Sue no less! (I think my mother was bored with naming children when I came along). Put that on a book cover and you have a romance writer for sure.

No. S. Webster is fine.

It has been a good week for ordering things on Amazon. Besides their book on publishing, I have ordered pens…a lovely set of six Sakura assorted .4 roller ball in nice earth tones. I am thinking these will help me finish off the Burke and Wills illustrations. And just this morning a double hinged waiter’s corkscrew and a wooden handled zester/grater. A new package of assorted colors of felt has arrived from Amazon to continue my revival of the politically driven mess-makers reviled for their damages done to our country. First I think will be four shoulder to shoulder conservative Supreme Court Justices taking us backwards.

All the new ones will be sporting stick pins like their predecessors. They make the best pincushions!

All for now….til later