Some Catching Up

We made zucchini bread the other day. Lee can grate and chop….just have to watch he does not pulverize those walnuts. It is delicious. But I noticed this for the first time ever on the bag:

How are we supposed to lick beaters? Fingers? Are they serious? Is this an issue? What about all those cookie dough ice creams?

Also let’s get the drawings a day over with now:

A delicate weed

full of trios of burrs supports

delicate grape vines.


Tiny white-flowered

weed that could easily fill

the vase of fairies.

Hydrangia bush leaves

are amazingly soft, large

and very fuzzy.


The final performance

of my single clematis

bloom of the summer.

All I have to draw

this morning is a dried up

rhododendron bloom.


Split morning glory

pulled from the overgrown grass

in forgotten patch.


And now a follow up on the Chub Ditch Tonic Drink. Here is the fish.

And Wikipedia write up.

Satromaculatus, known as the creek chub or the common creek chub, is a small minnow, a freshwater fish found in the eastern US and Canada. Differing in size and color depending on origin of development, the creek chub can usually be defined by a dark brown body with a black lateral line spanning horizontally across the body. It lives primarily within streams and rivers. Creek Chubs attain lengths of 2-6 inches with larger specimens of up to 12 inches possible. The genus name Semotilus derives from the Greek word sema (also known as dorsal fin), and atromaculatus comes from Semotilus the Latin word “black spots.

So you see, they do appear in ditches. And here is my drink with chubs in and out of the glass with a bit of ditch line foliage (mint).

Also see the green hose straw. It was quite tasty. It is actually a Turbo Tonic (because it looks the most like the ditch water of my youth) with added accouterments….that is how spell check spells it. Not sure…

And my new passion for diversion is the wonderful gift from down under, another Eucalyptus contact printed concertina book from Lorraine. I love it!

I am doing nothing but fairies hidden in and among the leaves….fairies and their friends.

I have drawn into these pages more since I photographed them.

More later.