Success in the Dyepot!

These are the three strips of Fabriano paper that were placed between tiles, then bundled with muslin and tied. The muslin is mostly mottled grey patterns caused by the resist of the string and wrapping.

I treated myself to the only bunch of Eucalyptus at the grocery store just so I could feel closer to friends down under this week and decided to go further and do some contact prints on the paper and the old silk shirt that has now been ripped into useful pieces.

Pretty nice aren’t they? Thank you Lorraine for your suggestions to get a better contact on a better quality paper. Right now the pot has more of the silk shirt pieces and another full sheet torn into five strips. I cook them in the same water I added onion skins and Eucalyptus leaves and stems to for two hours and then take the bundles out to sit for another forty-eight before unwrapping.  I did reuse all the leaves and seeds plus a few fresh ones in today’s bundles.

It smells like Australia in here and makes me very happy.

Here is the Bush Book all covered and with a contact print collar to keep it together.

And the drawing a day haikus.

I am now onto

little spoons in the drawer.

This one fun to draw.


Here’s another spoon

and it has a matching fork

that’s on the next page.


Another small fork

found buried under other

very useless things.


Simple Saturday

drawing of just one silly

collection of knives.


And a couple more watercolors in the six way book.

That’s enough for today. I am going to now bury my nose in the dyepot results.

Til later.