The Shallows and Other Thoughts

I don’t have many pictures for this one.

Just thoughts written down.

It is not easy giving up a life that you thought had more “life” in it. This week our son took home with him half of the dozen extra chairs we bought for “entertainment” and “dinner parties” that are not happening anymore. As a matter of fact with our necessary considerations here at home, I have noticed an end to being invited to other dinner parties. It could be that we were the only ones having them or it could mean that friends think dementia requires a special diet. Whatever….love that word…..whatever.

And the plus point to that is we don’t have to look in our closets and mirrors to see if we can be made “presentable.”

The word, “presentable” reminds me of a conversation I had a while back with a friend who is married to a woman he sometimes thinks makes fairly “shallow” comments….quite often on others’ appearances.

We talked about that word, “shallow” and I told him that there are some like us that are just trying to stay afloat when we find ourselves over our heads in thoughts and ideas and responsibilities. And when we glance over toward the shore we see those who have the security of ground under their feet, water there for their own entertainment…….. and maybe, just maybe our disapproval might be a resentment borne of envy for that shallowness.

He just looked back at me and shook his head. Shallowness is something he just can’t get his head around. But for myself there is that memory of being there closer to shore and not feeling like I was drowning at times. And then being able to dry myself off and put something presentable on so I could go off to an event and sit down next to someone who had more to say, someone who could make me realize how privileged I was to be in the shallows.

And what else am I thinking of today…..?

On the way out this morning we stopped by our mailbox and found a hand-written note to us from friends in California who took in others from the horrible Camp Fire last year. Their life is getting back to normal. Soon they will be off on a biking tour from Amsterdam to London. How wonderful is that for those close to Lee’s and my age? Every so often they come here and stay in our apartment….and even invite us over for dinner. We smile when we read her note and when I get to the last word on the back and read about the artwork on the front I put it with the last few years’ Christmas cards in a bowl in the corner. It will stay there until the time comes when I look over and think, “I should clean that bowl out.” Then all those cards and notes from friends who keep in touch will be gone…..and we will get excited all over again when more show up in the mailbox.

It is almost time to share a beer with Lee. That is our lunch on Sundays because the breakfast out has a way of just sitting there needing liquid saturation.

We will sit on the porch and look at the weeds, notice how heavy the trees have gotten, wonder why we thought we needed a garden and when we get up toss the tomatoes over the bank for the deer in the morning.

Til later when I have some pictures of something more fun.

I might just talk about some artwork clicking away in my head.