This One Is Mostly About Lee And His Days

This is some of the switchbacks coming up to my studio. I need to get more mulch delivered to finish it off. We walk the trail every morning and search for something for me to draw in my Drawing a Day book. I photograph things along the way to feed into my Fairies Book.

Like this.

A snaggle-toothed elf wearing a pink hat emerging out from under a watchful eye.

Rain on crape myrtle trees bring out fairy faces.

Our dried leaves fall down with every squirrel jump made to shake the wet down on our heads. Some colored as to look like fall is here.

Twin fawns appeared in the yard.

Lee stops to replace the rocks knocked off his wall by deer and squirrels.

Usually I lead, but this morning he got ahead of me. I made a little movie of his feet walking in front of me but it did not like being here.

We return home and I draw in my book. The fourth image of a feather found this morning is the last page of that book. I have two more this size to go before I have to make more.


A wet turkey feather left

for us this morning.


A small and fluffy

taupe-colored tickling feather left

for us this morning.

A knot that came loose

from its branch on a felled tree –

more interesting.


Barely visible

a feather from the trail to

finish out this book.


And lastly I would like to thank all of you who send cards or little things for Lee. You are so thoughtful and it makes us smile. He has forgotten the friends we used to have, much like some of them no longer think of us. And to be honest I have finally let my disappointment in them fade away.

Today he came in from the yard carrying two pairs of work gloves.

“Why two pairs of gloves?”

“I want to take both pairs with me.”

“Where are you going?”


“Where is home?”


“No, you don’t want to go there. It is too cold and grey. That is why we left there twenty-seven years ago. We live here now.”

He looked so sad. So I said, “Let’s bring in the ferns from the deck, hang them up with a good shake, and you can vacuum again.”

“Yes, let’s do that.”

He loves the hum of the vacuum and leaf blower. My job is to make sure one is used inside and the other, out.

Now he is having a good nap and I get to do this….have a visit with all of you who tune in.

Til later.