Turning Cooler

We are covering up a bit more as the temperature drops.

The walks through the meadow have become more colorful.

This last one is like bits of clouds fell into the meadow.

So more small drawings of the changes go into the Meadow Book.

And yesterday I walked along another side and saw this…dried mud in such a lovely pattern,

And this when I lifted the camera on my iPhone.

Lovely light sparkling on these burst open grasses.

When I stepped back onto the road to my house three women asked me to join them in a lap around the block. It was nice visiting with new neighbors. I am sure to see them again.

This morning my old cleaning lady came by to agree that this house is very easy to keep clean and I am very capable of doing it myself. But she did promise to stop by and check on me once in awhile. She will message before coming so I have a chance to straighten things up just to prove we are both right….I can do this.

Tonight my old neighbor/friend/doctor is coming over when she finishes work to share a pizza and play a scrabble-type game while we catch up.

I might be getting more social.

This morning, right in the middle of making another loaf of banana/pumpkin/walnut/maple bread, our hand mixer finally stopped.

Lee had this before we were married 55 years ago. It has done a stellar job. I went on Amazon to find another General Electric hand mixer only to see there is no such thing. I think the company has been absorbed into something else now. All the other ones looked bigger, heavier and proud of how fast they can go. I like a slow speed to gently get into the mixing up part. More research is necessary.

But the other day I did a drawing for a new wood block and transferred it to the block.

I am in the mood for a crow.

And I also designed a new Christmas card carving for white line printing. It was nice of the mayor to offer to cut my wood blocks into the smaller pieces I want to experiment with.

Yesterday was the first day of early voting. I wanted to see the place crowded with a line but not so. Small town with people taking their time to hopefully make the right decisions for our country.

Til later….