Weather Affects Everything

Only two days this past week were good for getting to the dam. One sunny and cold and the other cloudy and cold.

And that morning these ice crystals on the surface. They were gone when I returned twenty minutes later.

The cloudy day.

There seems a sadness to seeing a loon all alone.

And these most favorite colors under my feet.

It was a good week for drawing.

A silly Burrowing Owl and his feathers.

And this morning I think my last owl for the Bird Stories Book, Great Horned Owl.

The sun is finally melting the snow. But earlier this morning the pond showed ice on top.

One group of ten turkeys came and left.

And Dilly sat and watched the next group of fourteen,

Sadie was more interested in rolling in some catnip.

As for me today it was laundry, poaching some chicken breasts, drawing, reading, thinking about what to draw when the Bird Stories Book is finished. Maybe nothing but illustrations for a fairy tale. I could put all those fairy doors in trees to good use and make up what is happening behind them.

As far as I can see the slab has not been poured for my new house. It is that weather thing again.  But a Caribbean Fare food truck was there yesterday so fish tacos for dinner last night.

I have invited my realtor to come take a look this coming week to tell me what else I need to do before the house goes on the market. Tidy up in the apartment with old photo boxes found in trunks now gone north. Sorting the last of papers to go to a shredder. Getting the last of studio equipment going to a new home ready for loading. Trying not to make more owl woodblocks until I figure out what to do with the ones I have. I did take the one with too little ink and fused it with a fabric bonding to the one with no added papers. Then I went through some bits of cloth to maybe hand stitch onto the trunk and limb of the tree. This one.

It should keep me busy and give me an excuse to thread a needle. Why not? If it doesn’t work, well the good part is I get to ink up and start again.  I might frame the one I like the best. My driveway is safe enough now to drive down and get the mail. But I may just read the book some more and take the trash to the dump later today and pick up the mail on the way back in.

Til later….