A Holiday Weekend – For Who?

Lee and Sadie are getting naps. It is Labor Day.  I am trying to hurry this along before Lee wakes up. Earlier today he wanted to go home again. He seems a bit more lost and does not know what to do with himself. I had him sample the goulash and had him dry the pots and pans….then we had lunch. When I went back to reading our book, he dropped off.  Now he is asleep on his porch swing.

Here are the last six days of drawings.

What causes the feathers

to fall from the bird’s body

and settle in our path?


This trail collection

was spotted and gathered up

to draw on this page.


It is difficult

drawing white trumpet shaped blooms.

Where are the edges?


A freshly fallen

pine cone spreading it’s petals

to release it’s seed.


Some of these feathers

from Rufus sided Towhee

one from mourning dove.


Giant goldenrod

growing along the driveway

are very golden.


There was some time to work on the fairy book.

And the acorn brothers collecting frogs.

And this below some root…an opening for hanging laundry.

All for as I need to get this posted….be back in a couple of days.