A Very Good Week

Patrick arrived and we shared the testing of my Lemon Myrtle flavored gin in a gin and tonic. We agreed it was delicious!

We went on morning walks. Chatuge dam.

And some walks on the river.

Some company.

Mayapples emerging.

morning sky…


We had several meals out finishing with the winery last night.

And most of the time spent packing the last of four trailers headed north.

Amy’s loom.

Followed by all the painted porch furniture, the few things left in Lee’s shop and shed. And my antique wooden flat file for Marla.

And away he goes. A ten to twelve hour drive home.

So many memories packed up. Patrick is going to use the work table Lee made for the shop as his new at home office desk. Such a good use for it. Lots of odds and ends crammed into this load. A final moving truck will be for Patrick to take home the furniture not going with me.

I saw my builder the other morning and we are agreeing that mid July is a good moving date. I did a quick sketch of the front door delivered to the garage.

When cleaning out the storage room downstairs, we pulled out our old kitchen table that will be revived as my new dining table. I sanded off the old finish of it and a bench Lee’s uncle made many, many years ago.

This morning after Patrick left I stained them and slathered on some paste wax.

The laundry has been done and the guest room put back together. Now I will grab a quick bite to eat, clean up and head off to a meeting of those running against one of the most abhorrent young politicians this area has ever seen. Now is not the time to ignore the obsession the Republicans Party has for limiting hard won civil rights…not to mention women’s rights to choose. Besides, it will be good to meet like-minded voters in the area I am moving to.

Til later….