So Much Better Today

I returned to the dam this morning. It was very early and I just wanted to think about what comes next. What the reality is that I now walk this trail alone.

And I remember how Lee would be there every time keeping pace and looking where I pointed to see a bird or something in the shadows.

Today I got word that he is doing much better. He is feeding himself. He is sleeping through the night. He is talking to others there in the ward. And he even laughed when he slipped and fell from his chair when getting ready to walk. He got himself up, dusted himself off and chuckled when the nurses found he had not hurt himself. He will be going back to his new home at the Memory care facility tomorrow. I am so relieved but will wait until he is well settled back “home” before having any contact with him directly.

To get through the unknowing and worrying part I started reading again. The book titled The Salt Path may not have been the best choice to start but is a beautiful story of a man realizing the limitations of his dementia as he and his wife walk that beautiful peninsula in southwestern England of cliffs and sea. Thanks to Robyn Gordon for recommending it. Then back into the latest Cormoran Strike book that I was reading to Lee.

It is a very big book. Then today my two new Jane Harper books came in the mail.

The early morning walks have been very good for me. I come back refreshed and with a little bit more practice on being civil and social.  With Lee and Covid isolation I have found myself unable to be either. So now I am in training. I still have little patience for the self indulgence and ignorance we seem to have so much of here in this country with the specter of Trump still looming. But turning off the news and proudly wearing my Biden/Harris pin has certainly helped.

Today is a good day. But I have learned that it is not a good idea to count on that being every day.

I will take what I can get and celebrate that.

Til later….