Waiting for Company

This is the view from the apartment window toward the woods. It is a cloudy day. Drizzly this morning. Lee has a new caregiver today. His first male who seems nice, young and willing to work with Lee on his rocks.

I walk past this gong and sculpture getting over here to the apartment.

Today friends who brought me scotch, bread and madeleines a while back return with sour dough starter. I have a box of Second Best Malted Cookies I Ever Ate for them and a poetry book. Seems the least I can do for their kindnesses toward Lee and me. Kent draws funny cat postcards to send to Lee weekly and Catharine gave me some of her indigo powdered pigment to turn into a watercolor. I am using some in my marks book as background color to draw into. It shows up on the pages after these latest ones using another friends pigment from Italy.

I liked doing the mobile. Not the chimes. I did not like the sketchiness of the flora and fauna on these pages so filled the white areas with dots. My daughter has sent me some graphite filled colored pencils so I will try those for color next. There is a boat sailing off into Catharine’s blue on the next page…likely I will fill it with stripes….anything to avoid too much emptiness.

Speaking of indigo blue, remember this boro coat that a friend, Suzy, gave me in St. Louis?


Then I added my own old clothing bits and made this shirt modeled by Ed here.

Now I have put it into a sewing basket and bought a blue thread to add stitching lines on all the patches. This will be my next stitching project because the night time animals are finishing up.

I am working on the bat.

I tend to drag my feet when I get to the last of something. But if I have a new project waiting and ready, it is not so hard to wrap things up. Now what am I supposed to do with all those night critters?!

Catharine and Kent just left. They brought not only the starter but a beautiful loaf of bread and a handwoven towel. It was such a good visit talking about everything from taking online classes, to mutual friends in Australia to our children.

Lee wanted me to check out the stone work he and Dillon have been doing. He is bringing more stones from down below to up by the driveway to finish his project. With this much energy and Dillon’s help, maybe I can get them to work on the trail stones next. Dillon is scheduled to return Wednesday.

Better stop now.

Til later…