Moving Right Along



It has turned colder. The walks have required bundling up…especially at the dam where the wind whips across the long expanse to reach the other side where the path through the woods gives protection.

And the Riverwalk is so closed over in fog when I go out so early.

And this tree extended out over the river that I have been watching so as to see its bones.

When I return home after the walk or other errands my road is also inviting.

And closer to the house…

This seems to be the last of the color this year. A poor fall showing.

But some Anzac cookies seemed in order. A few given to the yard man to eat on his way to the next jib.

And this week I am back to my Bird Stories book.


These birds have inspired me to also stitch some to add to the long scroll of stitching. Birds among the patches of cloth and stitched patterns. I will make the birds first and then stitch them to the length of hemp. I was thinking I would take the suggestion of copying my drawings onto cloth and adding that to the strip but then I was reminded of my Night Critters and will use the scraps of cloth to make nothing but birds among the held together patches. That is today’s thinking anyway.

Today the cleaning lady came and I took off to do my walk, get a paper notarized, fill up my gas tank and attempt to get the oil changed. That last bit required another trip to town later where I waited an hour and a half to get the job done. The person in charge told me that some parts for cars cannot be found now due to shortages and people have no choice but to park their cars until these shortages ease up.

Sadie seems so sad now that Patches has left. I may go to the shelter soon to find her a friend.

Yesterday I had a good long call with one of the few people there is to talk about art with. It felt good to hear someone else lament how much art with meaning and message has taken a back seat to just “making stuff” that can be marketed.

I finished my latest short story today…Loose Threads. It can be found on my website under “short stories”.

I think it is time to have a glass of wine. A friend comes down this Friday to spend some time helping with packing up things and being good company.

Til later