Back To Being Alone

It is now just the two cats and myself. Marla left today with a car loaded with more books, clothes, antiques, artwork and furniture. The past five days were spent loading up boxes, sorting books and watching Anne of Green Gables, a wonderful new production filmed in Canada. And of course playing with Dilly and Sadie.

We also kept up our morning walks at the dam in the fog.

And the river in the frost.

Yesterday we took a walk on Lee’s trail to see the changes and think of him.

And his rock piles now covered in leaves.

I closed on the new house building yesterday. Now I no longer say, “I am going to build a house”, but “I am building a house.” Footings are in place.

This will be my last fall here and I am taking pictures of the lovely color that is left.

This morning another walk on the river but turning left instead or right. Beautiful!

When Marla and I were looking deep under shelves she found an old sketch journal that I made many years ago. It is worth a whole blog on itself. I intend to use it much more now that it has been “discovered”.

There is little left unturned around here. Now that the laundry is finished I will restore the guest room for Patrick who is coming for Thanksgiving to take another trailer home of tools and lumber. He has to make the mantle for the new house before he packs too many of the tools.

I need to find another series to watch on the television and maybe pour the last of our boxed wine.

And I almost forgot! Marla and I got all our Christmas cards dry pointed and printed on our individual presses. Here are mine of a snowman handing off a Christmas stocking that he can’t find a foot for. First the out takes getting everything set just right and then some of the edition.

Til later….