Much Needed Additions

Meet Dilly. One year three months. Yesterday she had been left at the shelter an hour before my friend and I went “to just look.” Here she is in the “to go box” just arriving home.

And meeting Sadie. They are getting used to each other.

There is no need to change her name. It is perfect. We used to live on Dilly Rd. before we moved south.

She is very affectionate and playful. Reminds me of our dear old Spooky with Patches markings.

The walk at the dam was pretty cold yesterday morning. Very few people out.

A new drawing in the Bird Stories Book.

I like adding these very soft watercolors to the graphite drawing after I have sealed the pencil marks.

And being inspired by the birds, I have added a chickadee to the hemp panel. Next will come a scrap cloth nest and then some more patchwork before another bird shows up. I do most of the bird off the hemp then add it where I want it and add more stitching to finish it off.

Marla and I are designing our Christmas cards today for fine etchings on our presses. She brought down her new Sissix one to try out.

Now I am going to go play with Dilly.

til later….